Study Melanchthon and Calvin Electronically

From Herman Selderhuis:

After the successful publication and enthusiastic reception of the Calvini Opera Database in 2006, now the Institute for Reformation Research (IR) at Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), in co-operation with the Melanchthonhaus in Bretten (Germany), publishes the complete works of the reformer Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560).

This new database contains the edition of Melanchthon’s works from the Corpus Reformatorum (Halle 1834-1860) and the Supplementa Melanchthoniana (Leipzig 1910-1929) on DVD. All 28 volumes of the Philippi Melanthonis Opera quae supersunt omnia (edited by Bretschneider and Bindseil) and the 5 volumes Supplementa are now available as image and as fully searchable text.

The good news is that these DVDs work very well. I bought the Calvin DVD and have used it extensively. Unfortunately, the database software on the DVDs work only on PCs. The PDFs are transferrable and searchable on a Mac but without the advantage of the software. 

149 Euro for private use (1 pc and 1 notebook)
499 Euro for libraries and institutes (5 computers)
Prices exclusive 9,50 Euro for postage and handling

For more information and ordering:

Instituut voor Reformatieonderzoek, Theologische Universiteit
Wilhelminapark 4, 7316 BT Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


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