The Courage to Be Protestant

David Wells was the guest for the 5 October White Horse Inn. If you haven’t heard this interview you must. You should also ask your pastor and elders to listen to it. David has diagnosed very well what is happening to “evangelical” churches. The . . . Continue reading →

No Truth Is More Needed Today

No truth today seems more self-evident in our culture than the fact that God is love. But this is not understood in its biblical setting where John immediately defines the nature of this love by saying that Christ was sent “to be . . . Continue reading →

A Little Less Crowd-Pleasing

Can the Church commit itself to becoming more serious, more—may I say it?—devout, a little more courageous, a little less crowd-pleasing, a little less self-preoccupied, and a little less comfortable? Can the Church become the Church as it is supposed to be? . . . Continue reading →