Audio: Two Edifying Interviews

calvinpilgrim_godfreyFirst is the recent WHI interview by Mike Horton with Bob Godfrey concerning his new biography of Calvin. Click on the image for more about the book. We kid each other a lot (and everything I say about Bob is true) but Bob is an excellent reader of texts, a true historian, and an excellent Calvin scholar. If you’re looking for a readable, helpful, faithful introduction to Calvin’s life and writing, you won’t regret starting with this book.

hydelivingcolorSecond is a two-part interview done with the local public radio station in Grand Rapids with our pastor, Danny Hyde, concerning his new book, In Living Color. In the interview (of which I’ve only heard part 2) Danny discusses the nature of the Reformed faith, why we reject representations of God (including pictures of Christ) in favor of the divinely instituted pictures of Christ: the preaching of the Word and the administration of the holy sacraments. Marshall McLuhan was right: the medium is the message. Our depictions of Christ put us in the driver’s seat, as it were. It’s our experience of Christ, it’s our interpretation of Christ rather than his sovereign interpretation of himself and his work for us and his message to us.

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