It Happens In The Church

I grew up in the church. Some of my favorite memories come from the time I spent there — Sunday school, AWANA, VBS, youth group, and fellowship meals. For hours we would play hide-and-seek, run up and down hallways, and occasionally sneak . . . Continue reading →

A Follow Up Regarding Abuse In The Church: We Are Talking About Practice

Last week I wrote an introduction to spiritual abuse and how laity and officers should respond. A correspondent writes to ask what the laity are to do when when ruling elders and ministers refuse to address a situation. May a lay member . . . Continue reading →

Review: Bully Pulpit: Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church by Michael J. Kruger

Michael Kruger has written a gem of a book, addressing one of the most prominent issues troubling the church today. Increasingly, we are faced with stories about pastors who misuse their position of authority to achieve their own selfish ends to the . . . Continue reading →

The Most Powerful Book On Sexual Abuse

Rachael DenHollander’s What is a Girl Worth? is the most powerful book on sexual abuse I’ve ever read. Her “story of breaking the silence and exposing the truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics” is well-known. What I didn’t know is that . . . Continue reading →

Driscoll: Same Song, Second Stanza

But despite Driscoll’s early assurances to change, many of the same leadership traits that led to the problems at Mars Hill have carried on at the new church, according to former Trinity staff members and church attendees. . . . For several . . . Continue reading →

It Is Only Stupid If You Change The Terms

Do Reformed preachers not see the stupidity of telling people not to rely on their works while also saying genuine faith produces good works?  It just seems like double-speak to avoid being labeled Catholic or Arminian. I reply:  this Reformed preacher fails . . . Continue reading →