Given All The Evidence, Why Do So Many Turn A Blind Eye? Tribalism

Radio talk-show host Janet Mefferd has a lengthy column explaining why a certain figure in Moscow, ID continues to garner support among those whom we might expect not to be so supportive.  Read more»



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  1. Leaders in our church, which submits to the Westminster Standards, speak highly of theonomy, teach adult Sunday School with John Frame’s theology, and teach adult Sunday School on the Ten Commandments from Peter Leithart’s book. At the very least, there is a very naive, shallow response to “another gospel,” and choices for teaching material seems to be based on how amiable and entertaining the author is. The Pyro of the Palouse is just a hop, skip, and jump over the Blue Mountains, the Palouse, and the Snake River from us, and I perceive that he is considered “one of us.” The Christian community of homeschoolers is growing enthusiastically, and I imagine the Pyro’s Home School Curriculum is at hand. I truly believe that the falsehood of the FV position on justification, efficacy of baptism, and on covenant theology is – or must lead to- heresy. And the behavior, clever malice, fog-of-confusion manipulation of language, and contempt for honest questions convince me that the behavior follows from the beliefs and the certainty of their rectitude. My husband and I have been studying the problem for 15 years, and we are now ready to leave the church we were so amazed and grateful to find in central Oregon.

  2. This is a well-deserved smack to the face. Lord, save me from tribalism and help me to cling only to your Word, not to the men who purport to teach it.

  3. Excellent article by Janet. I was once attracted to Doug Wilson, not for his theology (I didn’t have a clue) but because he standing against what I perceived were the greatest threats to this country. The strength of his writing was amplified by my own weakness in doctrine and ecclesiology. I was on Twitter at the time, and began to notice your exposures of Federal Vision and the “other side” of Moscow. It was only after reading many of the materials that you linked to that I began to question.. At the same time, I was maturing in my understanding of the confessions, Reformed doctrine, and the history of the reconstructionist and Anabaptist movements. I mentioned the Anabaptists because of the strong links Moscow has with Particular Baptists as of late, and the shared tendency to immanentize the eschaton. I was finally able to see that the Colossus of a Moscow had feet of clay and that his work is dividing the church. Thank you for your persistence in revealing truth.

  4. I regret that some have readily defended Wilson in the face of his errors. There are those who have “bent over backwards” to defend him when it was clear that he was a legalist and a friend of legalists. When did he ever repent of preaching and supporting justification by works? Now that Wilson’s lack of pastoral competence is clear, bringing shame to the name of Reformed Christianity, is it too late?

  5. The City of Moscow ID asked the court to dismiss the charges in the “Psalm-Sing Protest” arrests should also receive due attention.

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