God Cares How We Worship

Furthermore, Protestants are not concerned with the manner, or how, of worship, with the forms and circumstances of public praise, simply for their own sake, but for the sake of the object and aim of worship. In other words, Protestants understand that there is an inseperable connection between way we worship and whom we worship. It has often been said that the Bible’s teaching on idolatry shows that we become like what we worship, but it also indicates that we become like how we worship, because the how and the who of worship are linked.
—Ligon Duncan, “Why How We Worship Matters

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  1. Well yeah, but N. Needham’s question begging article in the negative on whether or not the Westminster Assembly/Standards affirmed psalmody in Vol. 2 of the WCF Into The 21st Century – edited by LD – still leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouth.

    That, not to mention, it was the longest article by far in the 3 volume set and by a reformed baptist to boot, whatever his other accomplishments in church history.

    True, we all make mistakes, but dare one say it? Restitution is part of repentance. It’s bad enough when presbyterians won’t admit what the original intent of their confessional standards were, but to farm out the hit job to a ‘bapdist’? That’s to add insult to injury.

    IOW the buck doesn’t stop here, unless you’re a Southern Baptist like Harry Truman.

    Thank you.

  2. And Fesko, in what appears to be an otherwise fine volume on the West. Standards, follows Letham who follows Needham on the question.

    One can only hope that Dixhoorn’s upcoming commentary on the WCF clears up the egregious errors in this regard.

    After all the reformed churches are reformed not only in doctrine, but also in worship and government.

    IOW it’s not all just about soteriology and presbyterians only differ from evangelicals/baptists because they affirm calvinism rather than arminianism, have ruling elders instead of deacons and baptize their babies.

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