New: Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction By Harrison Perkins

Covenant is an unavoidably and obviously important category in Scripture. Throughout the history of the church, beginning in the very earliest years of the post-apostolic church, there have been numerous attempts to account for the covenants, but it was not until the Reformation that we had the equipment needed to see the distinction between the covenant of works before the fall and the covenant of grace after the fall, and it was not until the period of Reformed orthodoxy that we articulated fully that covenant before the covenants (i.e., the covenant of redemption). Harrison Perkins’ new volume, Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction is an important contribution to Reformed covenant theology. In it, he does what the best of the Reformed tradition has always done by accounting—from Scripture in conversation with the church past and present—for the distinction between works and grace, for the unity of the covenant of grace in its multiple administrations, for the progress of redemption and revelation, and the centrality of Christ in all of Scripture.

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Listen to the interview with Dr Perkins.


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