Engaging With 1689 (2)

Last time I offered a rough taxonomy of contemporary Baptists in which I distinguished between Generic Evangelical Baptists (GEB), Older Particular Baptists (OPB), and the Particular Baptists (PB) and it is with this latter view than I am particularly interested in this . . . Continue reading →

What’s The Use Of Infant Baptism?

Rob writes to say that one a loved one is emerging from one of the Baptist traditions into a Reformed/Presbyterian church setting.1 In addition they are expecting a covenant child and are, of course, thinking through infant baptism. As he’s tried to . . . Continue reading →

The Substance and Administration of the Covenant of Grace

2. Under the new covenant or testament, however, these promised blessings are not given to all men, because God is true, thus the covenant is necessarily discriminate. These blessings are given, however, doubly when the covenant is received. In the first place, . . . Continue reading →

HB Classic: Three Ways of Relating to the One Covenant of Grace

[This post was first published in 2007 on the HB and is republished in response to some recent comments here] Sometime back the question was raised: We know that there are at least two categories of people within Scripture, the elect, and . . . Continue reading →

Baptism: The Doctrine that Caused Tears (5)

Guest Post by Rev. Mr. Leon M. Brown. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, a graduate of Westminster Seminary California (MDiv, 2011; MA Historical Theology, 2012), Assistant Pastor of New City Fellowship (PCA) in Fredericksburg, VA, and is presently . . . Continue reading →