QIRE to the 10th Power

Wonder what QIRE is? Check out these cats. (HT: Martin Downes)

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        • Richard:

          Here’s how one of the loons in the Toronto Unblessing (my term) described “being touched.” I summarize below.

          She gets up. Young thing, maybe 25. Nice-looking young lady. She’s at a microphone before the audience. She tells us how the Lord told her to “howl and do a wolf call at the moon.” She further tells us of her conversation with the LORD and her reticence to do so in the LORD’s service. Perhaps privately, but never publicly. Well, she plays this conversation up, to wit, back and forth. The LORD says “Do it if you want to be my servant” and she resists, “No, LORD, at least not in public.” Finally, in her private world of hyped-up-mysticism, she yields. Then, she tells the audience the story and her final submission to the LORD. So, what’s next? “She starts howling” and giving her version of a wolf-call looking up to the ceiling.

          She got touched alright. Why attribute it to His Majesty when idiocy is far more plausible.

          It’s QIRE and the QIRC about the QIRE. And that circle and cyle just goes on with the loons.

  1. The man on the right had some pretty shifty eyes – does that come as part of the package with QIRE?

    Plus it is a little unnerving to here them speak of this “thing that broke out” – wouldn’t that require calling in the WHO for breakouts?

  2. Are they talking here about the Revival breaking out in Escondido at this celebration of the 30th anniversary of the seminary? Something’s happening…I can feel it! There is an outpouring going on out there this weekend! 🙂

    Wish I could be there!

  3. Hey, as long as Todd stops kicking people in the stomach to “heal” them, I’m happy…relatively.

  4. Let’s see, while the Lakeland “Revival” was going strong, the leader of it was having an affair, then leaves his wife and marries his girlfriend. And now he is almost back in business again. Are these people just very confused and clueless? Or, are they deceived by evil spirits? Is this “revival” psychological, a con, or is it satanic?

    • Bruce, some considerations following some preliminary research on TBN, youtube and internet.

      In response to your questions above:

      1. The people are clueless and are uncritical/undiscerning.

      2. Evil spirits? There is no Gospel and Galatians 1 obtains. They have barking, rolling around, fits of hilarity, etc., everything you wouldn’t see in any of St. Paul’s Churches.

      3. Psychological or con? They use 2-3 hours of mind-numbing, drum kit stuff, let-me-bang-my-head-on-a-wall-music, relete with the enthusiasms, yap and holla, and mesmerizing background music. There’s some literature out there on mass hynopsis, bypassing the mind, yielding to the group dynamic, and inducing submission of the will to the barking leaders. Also, where there’s alleged healings, one British physician noted that there is a release of endorphins (200 times stronger than morphine he alleged) that suppresses pain for a while, even for a few days, but does not heal the person. A person, for example, with crippling arthritis, pumped up by the adrenaline-music and endonorphins feels no pain.

      Example: endonorphins. On 8-10 mile runs with the Marines. First 30 minutes is hell. Then endonorphins kick in and all is well on the run and after. Same with a 40-mile march…but hell is to be paid the following morning with blisters, aching bones, etc.

      Example. Adrenaline. My 98-year old Granddad (Scots Presbyterian and a strict Sabbatarian) lived at home with us. A Canadian to the core. Huge hockey fan. Every Saturday night was hockey night on TV. There he sat. There we sat, cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Glued to the TV. However, he was hobbled-up, half-crippled, achy, old, crotchety and used a 4-wheeled “walker.” He was clear-headed though. In general, it was painful to watch him struggle to walk around this house. Slow as could be. Hobbled over was the norm. In walks my clueless sister and plops down. She grabs the remote control and insensitively changes the channel. Up he jumped from the chair like a youth, put that “walker” at a 90-degree angle to the body, with a muffled curse under the breath, and stormed out like a youth ASAP. While we disapproved of this sister’s insensitivity, we saw a powerful adrenaline-surge in a 98-year old. It was quite a sight. There some evidence out there that they manipulators understand the role and power of music to induce these altered states of consciousness.

      There’s some bio-medicine in all of this along with manipulative techniques. It’s beyond my paygrade, but there’s something here for development.

      There is no liturgy, no Word, and sane preaching. It’s QIRE not to the tenth, but the 1000th degree.

      Researching the TBN-loons as well. “Bizarre” is a good start in explaining it.

    • I’d be willing to suggest that the ‘principalities and powers’ arrayed against Christ and his church are not unhappy with ‘useful idiots’ like Bentley, though.

  5. The guy on the left said at some point: “We really don’t know what is happening here?” (the guy on the right were only there to shake his head all the time, like one of those doggies in die back window of some peoples car’s)

    Now that is an understatement.

  6. This is bizarre beyond words, the “Toronto Blessing” at Martyn Llloyd-Jones’s Westminster Chapel in 1995, long after MLJ retired in 1981. Came through some of the WOF-types.

    A credible report from Banner of Truth:


    Tracking on Arthur Blessitt, connected to Westminster Chapel, but routinely featured at TBN.

    Given Westminster Chapel’s history, bizarre. It would be like WSC getting the “Toronto Blessing.”

      • A quick quote from the article, Kendall being MLK’s successor:

        “Yet this was only a beginning. In a chapter entitled ‘Sweet Moments’, we are told of the night in 1986 when Blessit got the congregation ‘to follow him in a “Jesus cheer” – that is “Give me a J, give me an E . . .”. ‘I urged him to do it,’ Kendall writes, ‘It was fantastic’ (p.181). The year 1990 brought John Wimber and Paul Cain into the picture. ‘The word about Paul’s prophetic gift began sweeping the charismatic world,’ (p. 109) and the prophet saw revival coming to Westminster Chapel, ‘like in Jonathan Edwards’ day’ (p. 102). Thereafter, we read, ‘the measure of the Spirit’s power’ was on the increase, until ‘The Toronto Blessing came to us on the night of 22 October 1995’ (p. 111). As Rodney Howard-Browne ministered, people ‘fell to the floor laughing’; one man, hitherto a staid banker, ‘literally rolled back and forth on the floor behind the pulpit, laughing his head off.’ ‘God loves to offend our sophistication,’ comments Kendall, who advocated ‘an ever increasing openness to the manner in which God chooses to turn up’.

        There were more prophecies from Paul Cain and these were interspersed with the exhortation ‘to the congregation at the Sunday services – that the Chapel must not go back to the way it was before’ (p. 112). The warning was hardly necessary, as changes went on apace, and worship (previously said to be ‘rather boring’) was altered dramatically – there were now the laying on of hands, healings, drums (to augment many other instruments), a ‘worship leader’, reports of visions, and such like.”

        • And in connecting some dots on Arthur Blessitt, a regular feature on the Crouch-TBN-program, he divorces his wife with whom he had six children in 1990 (while he traipses the world some 38K miles with a cross) and, in the same year, at age 49, Blessitt marries a 29-year old Brit from Westminster Chapel, MLK’s church.

          All extremely fishy and no details, but he claims the Lord spoke to him to do this.

          As of tonight, Blessitt was on TBN.

          Toronto Blessing at Westminster Chapel?


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