Recovering The Reformed Confession: the Table Of Contents

Recovering the Reformed Confession There have been a few requests to see the table of contents. Here it is:


Acknowledgments   ix

Abbreviations          xi

1. Whatever Became of Reformed Theology, Piety, and Practice?   1

Part I: The Crisis

2. The Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty      39
3. The Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience    71

Part 2: The Recovery

4. Recovering a Reformed Identity (1)        119
5. Recovering  a Reformed Identity (2)       153
6. The Joy of Being Confessional          193
7. Recovering Reformed Worship     227
8. Whatever Happened to the Second Service?   293

Epilogue: Predestination is Not Enough      343

Index     347

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  1. RSC,

    I had the privilege of reading a prepub portion of the book last spring. It was terrific. A clear indicator of a must-have to come.

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