Review of "Recovering the Reformed Confession"

 Howard Sloan at the Heidelberg Reformation Association reviews the book.

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  1. Hey Dr. Clark,

    Just pre-ordered your book on Amazon! I’ve been listening to your lectures on the topic and am real excited to read the book.

  2. I want to run out and get it myself. And you take on 24-hr day creation! I love it! The third rail! You do realize this makes you highly suspect in some circles?

  3. One man’s suspect is another’s saint. My intution is that after I read this it will be like after I read stuff from Horton and Hart: finally, someone had the chutzpa to just come out and say it already. Lots of things are needed these days, chutzpa is no exception.

    Now that I see pre-ordering is avaliable, here I go…

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