Telling The Truth To A Skeptical Millennial Village

Most of the students I teach are so-called Millennials. A few generations ago Americans were raised by parents. Then they were raised by the television. This generation was raised by the computer and related (mostly mobile) media. As Thomas de Zengotita has . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: The Perspicuity Of Scripture In A Skeptical Age

Office Hours

The alternative to the essential clarity and sufficiency of Scripture is, ironically, the Romanist doctrine of implicit faith (fides implicita) according to which we should trust not in Scripture principally as we wait confidently for difficulties to be resolved in future but rather, according to Romanist doctrine of implicit faith, we begin with doubt about the clarity of Scripture and we trust that the church knows. This turn to the old Romanist doctrine of implicit faith is attractive to skeptical millennials and others because it fits the prejudice of the age toward personal relationships over than fixed truths. Continue reading →