The Problem of Continuing Revelation and the Finality of Scripture

This week’s episode of the White Horse Inn is interesting and important because it deals with two closely related problems: the finality of the Scriptures as God’s Word and the claims to ongoing revelation made by modern neo-Pentecostalists and by the Roman communion. The response to both is essentially the same. The Scripture (the Word) forms the church, the church (community) does not for the Scripture (Word). This is Paul’s teaching in Galatians, as the WHI guys explain.

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  1. A serious attack by WHI.

    We’re in for a long, long compaign if we’re going to see reversal.

    As to ECT, it’s gone, over, done and serious beyond words.

    Same for FV.

    Not to mention TBN, Pentecostals, charismatics, and other neo-Montanists with their “crazy and mad ravings.” Much more needs to be done on this front.

  2. If “justification by faith alone” is the article by which “he church stands or falls”(Luther), we are in very, very serious trouble more largely.

    If “justification by faith alone” is the “hinge” of the Reformation and Gospel (Calvin), we are in very, very serious trouble more largely.

    This is going to be a very long and serious war in the next thirty years (and longer of course).

    Thanks for the lead.

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