Girardeau on Justification

Few have said it more clearly. Thanks to Wes for posting this. Please don’t fail to read to the last paragraph: In discharging this instrumental office faith is entirely alone. It is followed, and in accordance with the provisions of the covenant . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Recovering the Reformation

Here is the audio (at from the Recovering the Reformation conference held over Reformation Day weekend this fall at Springs Reformed Church (RPCNA) in beautiful Colorado Springs. Once again, I’m grateful to Pastor David Reese, to Shawn Stickel and everyone there . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 3a: A Gentle Rebuke to Brother John (UPDATED)

UPDATE: added to the two Heidelcast episodes audio clips from the video linked below. § These episodes grew out of the decision Desiring God Ministries to invite the de facto leader of the self-described Federal Vision movement to speak at the 2009 DGM . . . Continue reading →

The Shield Of Works? Faith, Spiritual Warfare, And Salvation

The preacher this morning read from Ephesians 6 and Paul’s expression in 6:16 struck me relative to the current discussion about works and salvation. There is no question whether believers will do good works or whether those good works are evidence of . . . Continue reading →

Heidelberg 60: Only By True Faith (4)

“Yet God without any merit of mine, of mere grace, grants and imputes to me the perfect satisfaction, righteousness, and holiness of Christ, as if I had never committed nor had any sin, and had myself accomplished all the obedience which Christ has fulfilled for me…” Continue reading →