RRC: The White Horse Inn Interview

recoveringThe main White Horse Inn page is here. The free download page is here. You can order the book from The Bookstore at WSC.

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  1. Has your book flown off the shelves in the US?

    It’s only available in the UK for around $50. Other P&R books are widely available through Amazon and other outlets so I presume it’s because it’s so popular over the pond.

    Thanks for the link – listening now, good stuff.

  2. Thanks Phil!

    “Flying”? Well, “sliding toward the edge and then tipping over” perhaps! Sorry it’s so expensive in the UK. It might be useful if you wrote to Ian Thompson at P&R to ask him about it. He’s Ian at prpbooks dot com.

  3. I haven’t been able to get to the WHI page since I tried last night. I found my WHI “fix” by going straight to the OnePlace page for the download.

    I got to the “insert your zip code” page this morning by an “end around” (?!?). But in three tries I couldn’t get the mp3 to download.

    I don’t see how it could be me, since I can get to any other internet site.

    What’s wrong here?

  4. Hi Bruce,

    I don’t know what’s up. You might call the folks at the WHI.

    What I did was:

    1. http://www.whitehorseinn.org/
    2. Fill in the zip code info (its the price you pay for a free download)
    3. Right click and download the mp3.

    You might try clearing your browser cache and cookies and trying again.

  5. I didn’t do anything different from before. And it worked for me. It’s one of those weird things. It’s as if I had to reveal this as a problem to a third party, and the handcuffs would come off.

    Did anyone else have trouble accessing WHI for the past 24 hours?

  6. Dr. Clark,

    You said in the interview, “in fact, some scholars are even raising a question as to whether or not there was actually a first great awakening or whether it wasn’t really just in a sense a creation of publicity.” Who’s raising that question, and where? Hart? Marsden?

    And where in the world did you find the Organ benefactor who said “the kids will like it”? That was classic.

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