The Social Crisis is Too Great to Be Arguing About…

Fill in the blank here. I can’t say how many times I’ve had emails or read comments to this effect. Often these earnest comments come from ostensible theological “conservatives” urging me and others to be more moderate on things such as justification. . . . Continue reading →

The Social Crisis is Too Great to Be Arguing About… (Updated)

The various social crises facing the West are great but the Roman empire was already in crisis when God the Holy Spirit empowered Christ’s apostles to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Rome fell. The gospel and Christ’s church continued. Another empire, Christendom, replaced the old Roman Empire but it fell too. The kingdom of God, as manifested chiefly in this world in the visible, institutional church, continued. Social crises are important but they aren’t more important than the gospel. Seeing that is a key difference between actually being Reformed and being just another social conservative with a passing interest in the Reformation (as it suits whatever social agenda is in view). Continue reading →