Three Myths About Public School

Myth #1: Public schools are equally open to all American kids. The vast majority of children are assigned to a public school by their district, based on geography. This means that coveted public schools are allowed to turn children away based on . . . Continue reading →

The Catechism Was Meant To Be Heard More Than Read

This year on the Heidelcast the HRA has been releasing an audio version of one question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism daily 6 days a week. The first reason that we are doing this is to get the catechism into peoples ears, heads, and . . . Continue reading →

Why It Is Important To Be Aware And Deliberate About Your Child’s Education

The Immediate Danger There is much to bemoan about Twitter as a social media platform. There is much to bewail about social media, which task your dutiful servant has performed in this space. Nevertheless, there are some benefits. One of them is that . . . Continue reading →

Big Bird And Despair In The Big Apple

In October, 1982, Will Lee, who played the beloved “Mr Hooper” character on Sesame Street, died. In November, 1983 the show had to address his absence and explain it to their young views. The show was aimed at 3–4 year olds. Here is how they did it: Continue reading →

Homosexual Desire Is Also Sin

In 1973, in “Report 42,” a committee of the Christian Reformed Church wrote: “An important distinction that must be made is the difference between homosexuality as a condition of personal identity and homosexualism as explicit homosexual behavior.” On the basis of this . . . Continue reading →

Why Does Theology Matter?

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Dear Christian Parent, Your Pastor Will Fight For Your Kids But Will You?

This essay comes from the heart as a passionate plea to parents out of our shared concern for our covenant children. It is difficult to pastor a flock in a conservative church today, but not for the reasons that you might think. It . . . Continue reading →

Why You Should Not Let Hollywood Catechize Your Children

Had you told me that as a grown man with two adult children that I would, for any reason, write the words My Little Pony (MLP) in an article (or anywhere) I would have advised you to seek psychiatric care. Nevertheless, here we . . . Continue reading →

If It Was True Then, How Much More Now?

…it should, I think, be made much harder than it now is to enter the Church: the confession of faith that is required should be a credible confession; and if it becomes evident upon examination that a candidate has no notion of . . . Continue reading →

The Shifting Culture Of Christian Colleges

And what about Christian colleges? They should be in the business of educating evangelical citizens. Unfortunately, most of them have sacrificed civics, humanities, and liberal arts to professional programs, online classes, continuing education, and cash-cow graduate programs. Yes, evangelical Christian colleges still . . . Continue reading →

A Little Leaven Infects The Whole Thing

The danger that I see in this is that many people who do not share Doug Wilson’s views on theology, history, slavery, patriarchy, marriage, sex, etc. may be allowing him to teach his views to their children without being aware of it. . . . Continue reading →

Sometimes Nebraska Is Just Too Nice (UPDATED)

Until now the only thing for which Irving Middle School has been notorious was that the infamous spree murderer Charlie Starkweather (1938–59) attended there, in the 1950s, when it was a Junior High School. It is in the news today, however, because . . . Continue reading →

Catechism And Catechesis In The Early Church

The earliest known example of a Catechetical work is the “Teaching of the Twelve Apostles,” which Athanasius names among the “books not included in the Canon, but appointed by the Fathers to be read by those who are just recently coming to . . . Continue reading →

Divorcing Doctrine From Scripture

Dear Pithius, Our dear boy, you quite misunderstand the problem. So long as Christians continue to understand the Book to contain truths, claims about the way things really are, about the enemy, about Him-who-ought-not-be-named, about His Paraclete, about humans as contracting with . . . Continue reading →