Why Does Theology Matter?


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  1. Dr. Clark – I went to the YouTube page to see who this is. If I were to share these videos with others, they may ask me about the source. It would be nice to understand his background, etc. so I could answer them.

    • Brannon Ellis, (PhD University of Aberdeen) is a WSCAL grad. He did an MA in Historical Theology. He is the publisher at Lexham Press. I think he is a ruling elder at PCA in Bellingham, WA.

  2. Thanks, Dr Clark, for showing that. I appreciated it myself, and would totally endorse it myself, but how do we express the Biblical teaching on the place of women in the church in such a way as not to bar it?

  3. Brannon used to attend church with me after finishing his dissertation and before connecting with Lexham. I wish his book on the Aseity of God (Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son) were cheaper (though I fully understand the economics of why it can’t and won’t be) so that more people might read it. It is a tragically neglected topic. A mutual friend of me and Brannon (Dr. Travis Campbell) has a book published by Lexham press (Wonderful Decree) that in part defends against Molinism by appealing to the Aseity of God.

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