The New Covenant In My Blood (Luke 22:20) (Part 6)

We ask now what it means to the world? But if the church of Jesus Christ is to remember Him in His finished work of Prophet, Priest, and King, for her, she must do so before the eyes of the whole world. . . . Continue reading →

Heidelberg 74: We Are Abraham’s Children

74. Are infants also to be baptized? Yes, for since they belong to the covenant and people of God as well as their parents, and since redemption from sin through the blood of Christ, and the Holy Spirit who works faith, are . . . Continue reading →

Bullinger On the Superiority Of The New Covenant

Now in order that I might conceal nothing in this matter, I will briefly mention how the church of Christians, which was established after the birth of Christ, excels. First, we are indeed better off than those who lived under the law . . . Continue reading →