With Presbycast On Cancel Culture And Calvinist Pirates

As always we had a good time on the old Presbycast Hayride, Jamboree, and Barn Dance. Chortles told us the story of the Huguenot Pirates—real pirates, not “piratical” pretenders hitting defense flower vases with baseball bats or setting harmless grass alight—and the . . . Continue reading →

Free Speech And The Fifth Circuit

Whether or not the federal government and its myriad agencies will be able to coerce, cajole, encourage, threaten, and browbeat social media companies into removing views it does not like from their platforms was the question before the Fifth Circuit Court of . . . Continue reading →

How “Pride” Month Became a Religious Holiday

The month of June hadn’t even begun yet when Donald Trump became the first Republican president to express his support for LGBT Pride Month. On May 31, President Trump tweeted about celebrating LGBT Pride Month and how we should “recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT . . . Continue reading →

Baylor Charters LGBTQ Organization

PRISM, an LGBTQ student organization, hosted an on-campus “Queer Sex Ed” event on Mar. 23 at Baylor, a Christian university in Waco, Tex. “Secret is out. See you tomorrow,” the flyer caption, posted to the group’s Instagram, reads. “You can still DM . . . Continue reading →

A Radical Truth Being Silenced: There Are Only Two Sexes

My immediate offense was a tweet criticizing child gender-reassignment surgery, an irreversible act that can permanently sterilize the patient. My criticism was strongly worded, because some things deserve to be strenuously opposed. Children who undergo gender-reassignment surgery are legally unable to consent . . . Continue reading →

Censorship Of The Dead: The SciFi Writers Warned Us

Last week The Telegraph reported that Agatha Christie’s novels are being sanitized for re-release. HarperCollins, their publisher, is removing references to physique, race and ethnicity in new editions of Miss Marple and selected Poirot novels. Christie joins Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming . . . Continue reading →

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

In the most recent attack on free speech at its law school, a mob of students—egged on by Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tirien Steinbach—shouted down Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan who had been invited to speak by the Stanford . . . Continue reading →

Undergrads Abandon Free Speech

The college student disillusionment with free speech is growing at an alarming pace,” said Buckley Program Founder and Executive Director Lauren Noble. “More students are intimidated from speaking freely and more students are willing to intimidate others from speaking freely than at . . . Continue reading →

Consider The Implications Had Kennedy Lost

In Kennedy v Bremerton, the Bremerton, WA School District argued that, were Coach Kennedy allowed to go to the 50 yard line to pray after games, student-athletes might feel pressured to join him for fear of losing playing time etc. Continue reading

SCOTUS: 1st Amendment Protects Americans From Gov’t Reprisal For Engaging In Personal Religious Observance

Did The Court Just Replace The "Lemon Test"?

Held: The Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment protect an individual engaging in a personal religious observance from government reprisal; the Constitution neither mandates nor permits the government to suppress such religious expression…. …Here, no one questions that . . . Continue reading →