Religious Freedom Watch: Austin Fires Chaplain For His Religious Convictions

In June 2021, Dr. Fox began writing a series of blog posts on truth, justice, and the good news of the Gospel. One issue he wrote about was the unfairness of men competing in women’s sports.

Dr. Fox wrote with no animus toward those who identify as LGBT. He had worked with people in that community throughout his career. He had even begun organizing monthly meetings with clergy, academics, church leaders, and students to discuss how the church can share the message of the Gospel to those in the LGBT community.

But Dr. Fox’s opinions about fairness in women’s sports did not sit well with one or more anonymous members of the fire department, who complained about Dr. Fox’s blog posts. The department’s assistant chief reached out to Dr. Fox to schedule a meeting.

… But then department officials contacted Dr. Fox again demanding that he write an apology letter to the LGBT community.That’s when Dr. Fox realized that he was being asked to explicitly recant his beliefs. But that was something he could not do.

… Just days after sending the edited version of his letter, Dr. Fox was dismissed. Read More»

Alliance Defending Freedom | “This Volunteer Chaplain Was Fired—For His Christian Beliefs” | August 16, 2022


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