Religious Freedom Watch: Tent-Making Pastor Threatened With Loss Of Realtor’s License

Warning. You don’t have to say anything reasonable people would see as “hate speech” to be sanctioned for “hate speech.”

Missoula, Montana realtor Brandon Huber is a part-time realtor as well as the lead pastor of the Clinton Community Church in the area. The church had been partnering with the Missoula Food Bank to distribute free lunches to children in the summer. When the food bank began inserting LGBTQ “Pride” notes in the “Kids Eat Free” lunches, the church decided to opt out because the notes, Huber explained, “went against our biblical doctrine.”

“Against our biblical doctrine.” Apparently, that’s “hate speech.”

After Huber sent out a letter to his parishioners explaining his decision, someone in Clinton filed a complaint that charged Huber with an ethics violation of the Realtors’ code. The Missoula Organization of Realtors looked into the matter and agreed with the complaint to the extent it found “potentially unethical conduct.”

If the complaint prevails, Huber could lose his access to MLS listings — and hence his ability to do the job. Read more»

Debra J. Saunders| “Are Realtors Even Allowed To Be Pastors Too?” | November 8, 2021


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