Office Hours: Pastoring During The Pandemic

Office Hours 2016 full sizeIn the best of times pastoral ministry is a challenging vocation. After all, one of the first duties of a faithful minister is to announce bad news in public. Pastors are among the first to hear when something has gone wrong in the congregation, when someone has become seriously ill or died. Ministry has become even more difficult during the Covid pandemic. News stories about abound clergy burnout. I have prayed for, with, and counseled more than a few pastors struggling with issues in their congregations brought on by the pandemic. In this episode we talk with one of our alumni to see how he has navigated the pandemic and how he might be able to encourage other pastors. Angelo Contreras first appeared on Office Hours a decade ago, as a graduating senior. In 2012 he was called and ordained to pastoral ministry in by Zion United Reformed Church, Ripon CA. This fall, Angelo took up his new duties as pastor of congregational life at the Escondido United Reformed Church, which makes Angelo one of my pastors. For the record, this is episode #275.

Here is the episode.

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