Transgender Mania Grips Pre-Teen Girls

A quarter of the girls in my daughter’s class identify as transgender. Seven out of 28.
When I said that on Twitter recently, I was roundly attacked for being a TERF who makes up ridiculous stories to harm trans people.
While I may be a TERF, I did not make this up. A quarter of the girls in my kid’s class identify as boys. One of them has had four names this year, all from anime series.
…Here’s my theory, and I know that this will be a familiar story for many parents.
The first issue is with what the school is teaching children. My daughter’s trans identity started when the school taught a module on ‘identity’ during which they told a group of 11-year-olds that, if you feel uncomfortable in your body, it means you are transgender. My daughter had just had her first period two months prior to this class. Of course she was feeling uncomfortable in her body. She went home, looked up ‘transgender’ on Tiktok, and that was it. She was now trans.
The second issue is a related one, and that is to do with the school’s non-stop celebration of LGBTQI+ identities….
The third issue is with how the school is approaching the children ‘coming out’. Their official policy seems to be to just go with whatever the kids say without informing the parents. Read More»
PITT |”Headline: When a quarter of the class identifies as trans” | July 7, 2022


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  1. Creepy and evil, back to the days of Nero, or worse, yet they lose and Christ wins.

  2. This has been pushed from the top down by the government. Look at the pediatric questionnaire they give out in California now because of state law/regulations. From what I heard, they ask parents to leave while doctors ask your minor child these questions. All the big health conglomerates use a version of this form.

  3. “What the hell is going on here? ”

    Very apt use of the word “hell,” whether she realizes it or not. That is exactly what is going on here.

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