Register Now For D. G. Hart, “Roman Catholics In America” (August 2–5, 2022)

D. G. Hart, Distinguished Associate Professor of History at Hillsdale College and visiting Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary California, will be giving a course on Roman Catholics in America (CH555), August 2–5, 2022 | 1:00pm–4:15pm (PDT).

This course covers the transformation of Roman Catholics from cultural and religious outsiders (1800–1950) to leading figures in the conservative movement that launched Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and even Donald Trump. Students will examine the assumptions that Protestants made about America (that also marginalized Roman Catholics) and the ways post-World War II Roman Catholics Americanized. This transformation of Roman Catholicism is largely responsible for many Protestants converting to Rome. As such, the course has implications for Reformed ministry in contemporary American society.

Auditing a course with Westminster Seminary California enables you to listen in on the theological conversations happening on campus.  We offer a Listener’s Pass to the general public for select courses which allows you to enjoy the benefits of auditing at a reduced rate ($125.00 per course).  Alumni and spouses of current fulltime students, faculty, and staff may obtain a Listener’s Pass free of charge. If you are interested in a Listener’s Pass for other courses offered at WSC, or have other questions about course auditing at WSC, please contact the registrar.

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  1. This is very curious, to have a Roman Catholic doing a course in a Protestant Seminary. “This transformation of Roman Catholicism is largely responsible for many Protestants converting to Rome.” This is super confusing.
    Is this to expose them? Is this in order to keep Christians from being deceived?

    • Dr Hart is a ruling elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, in Hillsdale, MI. He was formally academic dean at Westminster seminary California and a professor of church history here.

  2. Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for posting the link to your January, 2021 interview with D.G. Hart. It would be helpful to repost that as often as possible before D.G. Hart’s Summer Series. For one reason: a Confessional Reformed assessment of our place in history provides knowledge and increases our ability to relate to others through prayer.

    Also listening to your respectful dialogue and questions, gaining knowledge of ‘church’ and secular history, and your mutual devotion to ‘Recovering the Reformed Confession’ clarifies important distinctions. I am a devoted and grateful congregant in a Confessional Reformed Church, defined by Scripture, the Westminster Standards, and the Book of Church Order. While listening to your conversation about America, I reflected on our history in America influenced by Christian Liberty – WCF 20. American Government is unique in terms of the polity of self-governance.

    Regardless of the station-less condition in which we live, we are called to be in the life of His Church and the community in which we live. It is also good to be aware of the actual people who work in the layers of government at the local, state, and national levels. Prayer is effective in the imputed Righteousness of Christ.

    Lastly, it was refreshing to hear you refer to the church that opposed the Reformation as Rome. Regardless of worldly power, this is the present evil world and there is the narrow path (of the Cross) on which His children treasure walking – established by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, (to believe in) Christ Alone, from hearing Sola Scriptura, for Sola Dei Gloria.

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