Baylor Charters LGBTQ Organization

PRISM, an LGBTQ student organization, hosted an on-campus “Queer Sex Ed” event on Mar. 23 at Baylor, a Christian university in Waco, Tex.

“Secret is out. See you tomorrow,” the flyer caption, posted to the group’s Instagram, reads. “You can still DM us to become a member and join our QUEER SEX ED!” The post does not describe what students will learn at Queer Sex Ed, but the Planned Parenthood logo appears on the flyer.

Another Instagram post obtained by Campus Reform says that the event is members-only. Students may become members by paying a $25 annual fee and signing a confidentiality form.

In Apr. 2022, Baylor officially chartered PRISM after the Board of Regents released a resolution describing the possibility of chartering an LBGTQ student group that is “consistent” with Baylor’s Statement on Human Sexuality.

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Haika Mrema | “Students can attend ‘Queer Sex Ed’ At This Christian University” | April 12, 2023


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