HT501 Introduction to Historical Theology (Fall 2018)

Course Description and Objectives: This course is designed to introduce graduate students to skills, practices and research trends in contemporary historical theology. Over the last fifty years the discipline of intellectual history, a subset of which is historical theology, has been at . . . Continue reading →

Who Are The True Catholics?

Introduction There are truly important works that have simply been forgotten or unjustly ignored. One of those is William Ames’ Fresh Suit Against Human Ceremonies in defense of the Reformed theology and practice of worship. Another is William Perkins’ 1597 treatise, A . . . Continue reading →

Canones Synodi Dordrechtanae

JUDICIUM SYNODI NATIONALIS REFORMATARUM ECCLESIARUM BELGICARUM, Habitæ Dordrechti Anno MDCXVIII. et MDCXIX. Cui Plurimi insignes Theologi Reformatarum Ecclesiarum Magnæ Britanniæ Germaniæ, Galliæ, interfuerunt, de Quinque Doctrinæ Capitibus in Ecclesiis Belgicis Controversis: Promulgatum VI. Maii MDCXIX. PRÆFATIO IN NOMINE DOMINI ET SERVATORIS NOSTRI . . . Continue reading →

John Owen: Two Short Catechisms

(minor style revisions by R. Scott Clark, March 2006) Wherein the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, are unfolded and explained. To my Loving Neighbors and Christian Friends. Brethren, My heart’s desire and request unto God for you is, that you may . . . Continue reading →

HT611 Reformed Scholasticism

Course Description A study of the theology and methods of Reformed orthodoxy from 1561–1725. Special attention will be given to soteriology. Fall. 2 Credits. Course Goals — Academic Goal: To enable the student to understand and discuss intelligently the development of Reformed academic . . . Continue reading →

HT566 History Of Covenant Theology

Course Description An introduction to Reformed federal or covenant theology. The course surveys the historical-theological development of covenant theology, its exegetical foundations, and systematic-theological consequences. Fall Semester. 2 Credits. Course Goals —Academic Goal: To enable the student to understand and discuss intelligently the . . . Continue reading →

Classic Reformed Texts in English Translation

prepared by Patrick J. O’ Banion M A. (Westminster Seminary California), 2001 Orthodox Reformed Writers Available in the Early English Books (all reel numbers are from the 1475-1640 series unless otherwise noted) Alsted: The beloved city: the saints reign on earth for . . . Continue reading →

The Chart

THE CHART Period Time Dominant Question(s) Significance Christian Antiquity Ascension to 1650 (Old World) What has God said? Locus of authority is extrinsic Modernity 1650-1914 (Old World) 1789-1968 (New World) Has God said? Locus of authority is intrinsic (via rationalism, empiricism or . . . Continue reading →