HT501 Introduction to Historical Theology (Fall 2018)

Course Description and Objectives: This course is designed to introduce graduate students to skills, practices and research trends in contemporary historical theology. Over the last fifty years the discipline of intellectual history, a subset of which is historical theology, has been at . . . Continue reading →

CH527 Ecclesiastical Latin I

—Academic Goals: By the end of the semester the student shall be able read Latin at an introductory level, i.e., shall recognize and analyze elementary vocabulary and forms and shall be able to recognize, analyze, and translate elementary Latin sentences. —Pastoral Goals: . . . Continue reading →

PT730 Studies In Distintives And Issues In The United Reformed Churches In North America (URCNA)

A directed study intended to supplement the existing preparation of URCNA students studying for the pastoral ministry and to focus their preparation for classical examinations. Prerequisite (may be taken simultaneously): HT/ST615 Reformed Confessions. 1 credit (without a term paper) or 2 Credits . . . Continue reading →

HT/ST615 Reformed Confessions (Three Forms of Unity)

Course Description An introduction to the background, doctrine, and use of the Reformed Confessions. Spring. 2 Credits. The Student Learning Outcome for the Historical Theology Program: The student demonstrates understanding of the main eras of church history, the significant issues, and leaders/theologians of each. . . . Continue reading →

CH602 Medieval And Reformation Church

Course Description The first half of the course will study the development of medieval theology, doctrinal controversies, the development of the church, monasticism, mysticism, and the forerunners of the Reformation. The second half will study the theology and practices of the Protestant . . . Continue reading →

HT611 Reformed Scholasticism

Course Description A study of the theology and methods of Reformed orthodoxy from 1561–1725. Special attention will be given to soteriology. Fall. 2 Credits. Course Goals — Academic Goal: To enable the student to understand and discuss intelligently the development of Reformed academic . . . Continue reading →

HT566 History Of Covenant Theology

Course Description An introduction to Reformed federal or covenant theology. The course surveys the historical-theological development of covenant theology, its exegetical foundations, and systematic-theological consequences. Fall Semester. 2 Credits. Course Goals —Academic Goal: To enable the student to understand and discuss intelligently the . . . Continue reading →