Martin Klauber Speaks at Westminster Seminary California (Updated)

Update 11 March 2010 Marty gave a fine lecture today and we recorded an episode of Office Hours after classes this afternoon. He highlighted the fundamental role that compromise played in the decline of Reformed theology. How, in two generations, did the . . . Continue reading →

Resources on Reformed Scholasticism

Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment

From the middle of the 19th century until the late 1970s the dominant story about Protestant scholasticism generally and Reformed scholasticism in particular was that it marked a departure from the warmly biblical spirit of the Reformation, that it marked a turn . . . Continue reading →

HT611 Reformed Scholasticism

Course Description A study of the theology and methods of Reformed orthodoxy from 1561–1725. Special attention will be given to soteriology. Fall. 2 Credits. Course Goals — Academic Goal: To enable the student to understand and discuss intelligently the development of Reformed academic . . . Continue reading →

New In Print: Petrus van Mastricht, Theoretical-Practical Theology vol. 3: The Works of God And The Fall Of Man

Petrus van Mastricht (1630–1706) was among the more important Reformed theologians of the later 17th century. According to Richard Muller, in van Mastricht we see Reformed orthodoxy and scholasticism coming to its high point technically. So students of the history of Reformed . . . Continue reading →