Calvin’s Antidote to the Council of Trent on Justification (1547)

The doctrine of man’s Justification would be easily explained, did not the false opinions by which the minds of men are preoccupied, spread darkness over the clear light. The principal cause of obscurity, however, is, that we are with the greatest difficulty . . . Continue reading →

Chronology Of the Medieval And Reformation Church

Drafted c. 1995. Revised 2007 1100 c. b. Peter Lombard (1160). Magister Sententiae). 1155-58 Lombard publishes Sententiarum libri quatuor 1200 c. Albertus Magnus (d.1280) 1215 Fourth Lateran Council c. 1225 b. Thomas at Aquino (d. 1274) 1231 Heidelberg becomes capitol of Palatinate . . . Continue reading →

Who Are The True Catholics?

Introduction There are truly important works that have simply been forgotten or unjustly ignored. One of those is William Ames’ Fresh Suit Against Human Ceremonies in defense of the Reformed theology and practice of worship. Another is William Perkins’ 1597 treatise, A . . . Continue reading →