Audio: A Palace, A Prince, and A Point

A sermon by R. Scott Clark entitled, “A Palace, a Prince, and a Point” Editor’s Note: This audio was originally published in 2011.  RESOURCES Subscribe To The Heidelblog! The Heidelblog Resource Page Heidelmedia Resources The Ecumenical Creeds The Reformed Confessions The Heidelberg . . . Continue reading →

Take And Eat Became Verbs Of Salvation

God allows the forbidden its full appeal. The pattern of sin runs right through the act, for Eve listened to a creature instead of the Creator, followed her impressions against her instructions, and made self-fulfillment her goal. The prospect of material, aesthetic . . . Continue reading →

More Than The Sinner’s Prayer

If potential converts (children or adults) are so unfamiliar with basic Bible doctrine that they can understand nothing more than “asking Jesus into their heart,” they probably should wait to make a commitment, until they understand the gravity of sin, and Christ’s . . . Continue reading →