Perkins: Salvation, All Of It, Is By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone

William Perkins

As part of my response to the claim that some Reformed orthodox theologians taught that salvation was not only in two stages but also, in some way, through works, I appealed to a quotation from William Perkins. I could have written much . . . Continue reading →

Luther On The Comfort Of Christ’s Return

45. Without a doubt, He has spoken this comforting word also for the fainthearted, who, though they are godly and prepared for the Last Day, are yet filled with great anxiety and [thus] hinder their desire for this coming, which is especially . . . Continue reading →

Trelcatius On The State Of Believers In The Judgment

The last (or extreme) judgment is a judicial act, whereby Christ, in the last day, with great majesty in glory, shall give sentence upon all men universally. The principal efficient cause as touching indeed the judicial power and authority is God the . . . Continue reading →

A. A. Hodge On The State Of Believers In The Judgment

16. Upon what principles will his judgment be dispensed? The judge is figuratively represented (Rev. 20:12), after the analogy of human tribunals, as opening “books” in judgment, according to the things written in which the dead are to be judged, and also . . . Continue reading →