Calvin On Lent

Then the superstitions observance of Lent had everywhere prevailed: for both the vulgar imagined that they thereby perform some excellent service to God, and pastors commended it as a holy imitation of Christ; though it is plain that Christ did not fast . . . Continue reading →

Of Hotels and 2 Kingdoms

An HB Classic

In view of the Oregon case in which a baker faces prosecution for refusing to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, it seemed like a good idea to re-post this. The original context was the challenge that there’s no good . . . Continue reading →

Why Is Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude Insufficient?

My doctrine of sanctification is the doctrine of the Heidelberg Catechism: Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude and the doctrine of the Belgic Confession Art. 24. We believe that this true faith, produced in man by the hearing of God’s Word and by the . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Bob Godfrey on Hebrews 3:7-4:13 (Pt 2)

Bob Godfrey is on Office Hours again, for part 2 of our discussion of Hebrews 3:7–4:13. What does Hebrews 4 mean by “Sabbath” and “rest”? Bob does a great job with these issues in full-color stereo! Here’s the part 1 of this two-part episode. I . . . Continue reading →

Would You Give Up the Means of Grace for 500 Million Dollars?

The recent Powerball lottery pay-off was 588 million dollars. This prompted the hosts of a Lincoln (Neb) sports-talk show, following Dan Patrick, to ask the following question: would you give up watching sports forever for $500,000,000? The guest to whom they asked . . . Continue reading →

The Real Question is Whether There is An Objective Definition of Reformed

Part of Saturday was spent trading tweets with Matthew Milliner, who teaches Art History at Wheaton College. We had a good, genial conversation from two different confessional traditions. I’m not sure but judging by his arguments I inferred that Matthew may identify . . . Continue reading →

Natural Law and Light in the Reformed Confessions (Updated)

Originally posted Oct 29, 2008. Revised April 4, 2011. In the modern period, particularly in the 20th century, many Reformed folk became uneasy with the traditional Reformed language concerning “natural law.” As one who began to enter the Reformed world circa 1980 . . . Continue reading →

More on Theocracy (Updated)

A brief response to Micah Burke. He’s unhappy that I want to exclude theocrats and Baptists from the definition of the adjective “Reformed” and he argues, in effect, that I’m being selective. I’ve explained at great length here why those who deny . . . Continue reading →

Truth and Consequences: The Politics of Abortion

URCNA Pastor, the Rev Dr Brian Lee, a WSC grad, has another stimulating OpEd piece in today’s Daily Caller. “The course of my life roughly coincides with the post-Roe v. Wade abortion debate in America. The Supreme Court decision was issued on . . . Continue reading →

The Three Uses of the Law

One of the problems with the notion that Reformed theology is utterly divorced from the rest of Protestantism (i.e., Lutheranism) and the concomitant ignorance of the broader Protestant history and tradition is that we Reformed folk often end up losing our theology. . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast: 28 February 2010 Chick-Fil-A & the Sabbath (Updated)

UPDATE Daniel writes to report that some Seventh-Day Adventists are claiming that I agree with them and they are apparently appealing to this broadcast for support. Let me try to end this foolishness right here. Here’s my response to Daniel and to . . . Continue reading →

Natural Law and Two Kingdoms in Stereo (Updated)

The book is now in the bookstore. You can order your copy from The Bookstore at WSC. If you have been wondering what all the discussion about “two kingdoms” and “natural law” is about, here’s the book for you. To accompany the . . . Continue reading →

Eric Liddell Lives

His name is Euan Murray. He plays rugby for Scotland six days a week but not on the Sabbath. “The Sabbath’s not a day for playing rugby.” Well, he didn’t say that but he could have. He did tell the UK Daily . . . Continue reading →