Office Hours: Missional and Reformed—Lloyd Kim Takes the Gospel & NT Scholarship to SE Asia

Office Hours Video

Office Hours talks this week to missionary, NT scholar, and 1999 WSC graduate Dr Lloyd Kim about taking the gospel to SE Asia. Here is the episode. This episode is available right now on iTunes or via RSS. More on Lloyd’s ministry . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Bob Godfrey on Hebrews 3:7-4:13 (1)

Bob Godfrey is on Office Hours, this time to discuss Hebrews 3:7–4:13. We’re discussing how Hebrews treats the problem of apostasy and hypocrisy,  Scripture, and the Sabbath. These are thorny questions but Bob is very helpful in walking us through them. I hope you’ll listen . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Bob Godfrey on Hebrews 3:7-4:13 (Pt 2)

Bob Godfrey is on Office Hours again, for part 2 of our discussion of Hebrews 3:7–4:13. What does Hebrews 4 mean by “Sabbath” and “rest”? Bob does a great job with these issues in full-color stereo! Here’s the part 1 of this two-part episode. I . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Steve Baugh on Hebrews 7:18-28

Steve Baugh, Professor of NT at Westminster Seminary California, joins us for this episode Office Hours that takes a look at Hebrews 7:18–28. Does Hebrews teach that the Ten Commandments are no longer valid for Christians? What does “law” mean here? How did the old . . . Continue reading →

Just As The Lord Delivered Us From Egypt

The author of Hebrews is concerned about an unacceptable attitude toward the Word of God in the Christian community in Rome. Due to the threat of persecution and hardship in the church, these first century Christians were giving up on their commitments . . . Continue reading →