Heidelcast 141: Calls On Baptism, Covenant Theology, Repentance, Justification, Sanctification, Taco Bell, And More!

This is the promised call-in show. We had some great calls and we do have a winner. Listen to the episode to find out if your question was selected. The winner will receive, free from the Heidelcast, a copy of On Being Reformed. Never fear we will do another call-in show soon so load up that phone line with more excellent questions. In this episode we took calls from Virginia, Hawaii, Alabama and elsewhere on the distinction between law and gospel, on infant baptism and covenant theology, on whether Reformed pastors should wear Genevan gowns, Taco Bell, on whether God is half pleased and half-displeased with us—do we fall out of favor with him when we sin? What is repentance and how does it differ from the Romanist doctrine of penance? Are we perfectionists?

Here is the episode:

Call the Heidelphone anytime at (760) 618-1563. Leave a message and we may use it in a future broadcast. Give us a call. We are working on a call-in show. Light up that phone line because for our next call-in program I am giving away a copy of Caspar Olevianus, Firm Foundation. This volume is as valuable and edifying as it is hard to find.

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