Resources on the Law/Gospel Distinction

There’s been some discussion at the Puritanboard about the distinction between law and gospel. It seems like it might be a good time for a refresher course. Here are some resources on the classical Reformed approach to this question.

  1. “Letter and Spirit: Law and Gospel in Reformed Preaching,” in R. Scott Clark, ed. Covenant, Justification and Pastoral Ministry: Essays by the Faculty of Westminster Seminary California (Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2006), 331-63. Also available on iTunes.
  2. “Law and Gospel in Early Reformed Orthodoxy: Hermeneutical Conservatism in Olevianus’ Commentary on Romans,” in Jordan J. Ballor, David S. Sytsma and Jason Zuidema editors, Church and School in Early Modern Protestantism: Studies in Honor of Richard A. Muller on the Maturation of a Theological Tradition (Leiden: Brill, 2013).
  3. R. Scott Clark, When the Good News Becomes Bad
  4. R. Scott Clark, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Distinction Between Law and Gospel
  5. Is Faith a Work?
  6. Law and Gospel and the Third Use of the Law
  7. Why Do Some Reformed People Corrupt the Gospel of Grace?
  8. Ursinus on Law and Gospel
  9. Does OT = Law and NT = Gospel?
  10. Is the Law/Gospel Distinction Only Lutheran?
  11. The Indicative and the Imperative
  12. Is the Gospel Preached or Lived?
  13. Caspar Olevianus on Retaining the Law/Gospel Distinction
  14. Classic Reformed Theology on the Law/Gospel Distinction
  15. Perkins: By Nature We Seek To Contribute To Our Salvation But The Gospel….
  16. The Threefold Distinction In the Law Is Basic Reformed Theology
  17. Beza: We divide this word into two principal parts
  18. Heidelcast Minute: The Federal Visionists Deny The Protestant Distinction Between Law And Gospel
  19. Conference Audio: Law, Gospel, And Galawspel
  20. Luther On What Makes A Real Theologian
  21. William Gurnall: Threats Are The Native Language Of The Law
  22. With NoCo Radio On Reformation 101: Law And Gospel
  23. Heidelcast 141: Calls On Law and Gospel, Baptism, Covenant Theology, Repentance, Justification, Sanctification, Taco Bell, And More!
  24. Are Believers Under The Law As A Schoolmaster?
  25. What Social Media Teaches Us About Law, Gospel, Forgiveness, And Grace
  26. Dathenus: Would You Make Christ Another Moses Again?
  27. The Synod Of Dort On The Difference Between Law And Gospel
  28. Concerns About The Rhetoric: “X Is A Gospel Issue”
  29. Calvin: Paul Distinguishes Between Law And Gospel
  30. Olevianus On The Distinction Between Law And Gospel
  31. Thomas Manton On Law And Gospel
  32. With No Compromise Radio On Law And Gospel
  33. Preaching As For The Free
  34. Luther On The Difference Between Law And Gospel
  35. Luther’s Test: Are You A Christian?
  36. Thomas Boston: How And Why To Distinguish Between Law And Gospel
  37. The Author Of The Belgic Confession On Law And Gospel
  38. Mr Murray Distinguishes Law And Gospel
  39. The Way Calvin Read The Ten Commandments May Not Be The Way You Are Used To Reading The Ten Commandments (But It Should Be)
  40. Heidelblog library on the distinction between law and gospel
  41. The Attraction Of Legal Preaching
  42. Abounding Grace Radio On The Attraction Of Legal Preaching
  43. The Attraction Of Legal Preaching: The Interview
  44. Wengert, Timothy J. Law and Gospel : Philip Melanchthon’s Debate with John Agricola of Eisleben Over Poenitentia. Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought. Carlisle, Cumbria, U.K.: Paternoster, 1997.
  45. Linebaugh, Jonathan A, ed. God’s Two Words : Law and Gospel in the Lutheran and Reformed Traditions. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2018.
  46. Colquhoun, John,  A Treatise on the Law and the Gospel. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, 1999.
  47. Fisher, Edward, and Thomas Boston. The Marrow of Modern Divinity. Ross-shire, Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2009.
  48. Heidelcast Series: Nomism And Antinomianism
  49. Hermeneutics Matter: Law And Gospel In Luke 18:18–30
  50. They Turned The Covenant Of Grace Into A Covenant Of Works (Or Why The Distinction Between Law And Gospel Matters)
  51. With The RenewalCast On Distinguishing Law And Gospel
  52. Perkins: Rome Confuses Law And Gospel
  53. Colquhoun: Ignorance Of The Difference Between Law And Gospel Leads To Self-Righteousness
  54. Bavinck Distinguished Law And Gospel
  55. Olevianus: The Reformed Retain The Distinction Between Law And Gospel
  56. Ebenezer Erskine On The Distinction Between Law And Gospel
  57. Heidelcast Minute: The Federal Visionists Deny The Protestant Distinction Between Law And Gospel
  58. Canons Of Dort (27): The Reformed Distinguish Law And Gospel

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