Perkins On Paul’s Distinction Between Law And Gospel In Galatians

When Paul says, “The law is not of faith,” he sets down the main difference between the law and the gospel. The law promises life to him that performs perfect obedience, and that for his works. The gospel promises life to him that does nothing in the cause of his salvation, but only believes in Christ. And it promises salvation to him that believes, yet not for his faith, or for any works else, but for the merit of Christ. The law then requires doing to salvation; and the gospel, believing, and nothing else.

William Perkins | The Works of William Perkins, ed. Paul M. Smalley, Joel R. Beeke, and Derek W. H. Thomas, vol. 2 (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 177.


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  1. Such a pertinent quote from Perkins. Since the Reformation, the distinction between law and gospel has been obscured or lost, so that article of the standing and falling of the church has been jeopardized by adding obedience onto faith. So we end up with a return to something like the Roman teaching that we are justified to the degree we are sanctified by our obedience, rather than that we obey, and are sanctified, because we are justified by faith alone. When people are taught to look to their obedience as a necessary part of saving faith, instead of as its fruit, they will look to their works for salvation rather than to Christ alone. What a tragedy that this all important distinction is being lost.


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