William Eyre: Failure To Distinguish Law And Gospel Lets In Innumerable Errors

That which overthrows the main difference, between the Law and Gospel, ought not be admitted; for the confounding of them will open an in-let to innumerable errors; nay by this means the Gospel itself will become a mere cypher. The Apostle [Paul] we see was exceeding[ly] careful to keep these doctrines distinct from each other.1

William Eyre (c. 1612–1670) | Justification without Conditions; or Free Justification of a Sinner, (London: 1654), 57.


1. “Amongst such labors and endeavors (Christian reader) I commend to thy consideration, the ensuing Treatise and commit thee to the Lord.” —Westminster, Nov. 7, 1653. John Owen.



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