Luther: The Law And Gospel Are Found Throughout Scripture

But you might say, “Isn’t there also much Law in the Gospels and in the Epistles of Paul, and again many promises in the books of Moses and the prophets?” Answer: There is no book in the Bible in which both are not found. God has always placed side by side both Law and promise. For He teaches by the Law what is to be done and by the promises where we are to receive that. But the New Testament is especially called “Gospel” above the other books because it was written after the coming of Christ, who fulfilled the divine promises, brought them to us, and publicly proclaimed them by oral preaching, which previously were concealed in the Scriptures. Therefore, hold to this distinction, and no matter what books you have before you, whether of the Old or of the New Testament, read them with this distinction so that you observe that when promises are made in a book, it is a Gospel book; when commandments are given, it is a Law book. But because in the New Testament the promises are found so abundantly, and in the Old Testament so many laws are found, the former is called “Gospel” and the latter, “the Book of the Law.”

Martin Luther | A Year in the Gospels with Martin Luther (p. 64–65). Concordia Publishing. Kindle Edition.


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