Dathenus: Would You Make Christ Another Moses Again?

“Would you make Christ another Moses again? Is Christ your accuser or your Redeemer, Deliverer, Advocate, and Mediator? Has He only partly forgiven your sins or has He totally and completely forgiven them? Is He a complete or only a half Savior?”

Petrus Dathenus (1531–88), The Pearl of Christian Comfort, 49 (HT: Tony Phelps)

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  1. I recently received this book, which I ordered from Reformation Heritage Books. It is just a wonderfully clear, concise explanation of the use of the law and the gospel. It is very easy to read. It would be great for new Christians or teenagers in catechism class to read, as well as for those of us who have travelled long on the road to the heavenly city and just like to be refreshed by the retelling of that old, old story that will be our theme in glory.

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