Redeemed From Every People, Tribe, Tongue, And Nation: A Commentary On The Canons Of Dort

  1. The Canons of Dort (1): Introduction And Background
  2. Canons of Dort (2): The Crisis Intensifies
  3. The Canons of Dort (3): Synod Approaches
  4. Canons of Dort (4): Unconditional Grace (CD 1.1; RE 1.1)
  5. Canons of Dort (5): God Ordains Means to Call His Elect (CD 1.1–2)
  6. Canons of Dort (6): God is the Cause of Election But Not Of Reprobation (CD 1.4–5)
  7. Canons of Dort (7): God Graciously Chose His Elect Out of the Mass of Fallen Humanity (CD 1.7)
  8. Canons of Dort (8): There is Only one Kind of Election (CD 1.8)
  9. Canons Of Dort (9): The God Who Elects Unconditionally Does Not Change (CD 1.9–11)
  10. Canons of Dort (10): Unconditional Grace Gives Assurance (CD 1.12–13)
  11. Canons of Dort (11): The Doctrine Of Predestination Is Edifying and Should Be Taught Wisely (CD 1.14–15)
  12. Canons of Dort (12): We Judge God’s Will From Scripture (CD 1.16–17)
  13. The Canons of Dort (13): Predestination Is A Mystery (CD 1.18)
  14. Canons of Dort (14): Only We Sinned But Only God Saves (CD 2.1–2)
  15. Canons of Dort (15): The Death of Christ Is Of Infinite Worth (CD 2.3)
  16. Canons of Dort (16): Scripture Teaches Both the Free Offer of the Gospel And Definite Atonement (CD 2.3–5)
  17. Canons of Dort (17): The Offer of the Gospel Is Genuine But So Is Unbelief (CD 2.6–7)
  18. Canons of Dort (18): It Was God’s Sovereign Will To Accomplish  For and Apply Redemption To All The Elect (CD 2.8)
  19. Canons of Dort (19): Unconditional Atonement (CD 2.9)
  20. Canons of Dort (20): God Unconditionally Saves Those Who Are Totally Unable to Save Themselves (CD 3/4.1–5)
  21. Canons of Dort (21): The Reformed Distinguish Law and Gospel (CD 3/4.4–6)
  22. Canons of Dort (22): The Atonement Is Not Universal But The Offer Of The Gospel Is (CD 3/4.6–9)
  23. Canons of Dort (23): Our Sovereign God Administers His Gospel Freely (CD 3/4. 7–9)
  24. Canons of Dort (24): The Application of Redemption Is A Mystery Wrought Through Means (CD 3/4.10–13)
  25. [Excursus] Canons of Dort (25): God Not Only Sovereignly Gives New Life But He Uses Means To Do It (CD 3/4.6, 17)
  26. Canons of Dort (26): Synod’s Pastoral Concern for Assurance (Background to the 5th head of doctrine)
  27. Canons of Dort (27): Perseverance Is Not A Covenant Of Works (The Remonstrant errors and Synod’s rejection of those errors).
  28. Canons of Dort (28): Perseverance is Good News for Sinners (CD 5.1–2)
  29. Canons of Dort (29): The Reality of Sin And Grace In The Christian Life (CD 5.3–7)
  30. Canons of Dort (30): God’s Gracious Assurance of Perseverance (CD 5.8–10)
  31. Canons of Dort (31): Doubts, Carelessness, and Godliness (CD 5.11-13)
  32. Canons of Dort (32): Our Sovereign God Uses Means To Encourage Us (CD 5.14)
  33. Canons of Dort (33): The Grace of Perseverance is a Spiritual Doctrine (CD 5.15)

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