Office Hours: From England To New Zealand To Australia To California—Meet Nick Brennan

Office Hours 2016 full sizeFrom England to the United States, to New Zealand, to Australia, and back to the USA. That’s been Dr Nick Brennan’s journey over the last 11 years. April 2021 finds him assuming his new position as Associate Professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary California. He was educated as a theoretical physicist in Durham University (United Kingdom). He took his MA in biblical studies at Westminster Seminary California and he earned his PhD, in New Testament, in the University of Otago, New Zealand, where his dissertation, which focused on the book of Hebrews, was named exceptional doctoral thesis. It is being prepared for publication right now. Most recently, before retiring to California, he was teaching Greek and Systematic theology at Queensland Theological College, in Australia and before that he taught at Grace Theological College in Auckland, NZ.  He is an active churchman. He is married to Inge and together they have three children. 

Here is the episode.

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