Update: John Owen Is Still Not A Baptist

Obs. III. Divine institutions cease not without an express divine abrogation.—Where they are once granted and erected by the authority of God, they can never cease without an express act of the same authority taking them away. So was it with the institutions of the Aaronical priesthood, as the apostle declares. And this one consideration is enough to confirm the grant of the initial seal of the covenant unto the seed of present believers, which was once given by God himself in the way of an institution, and never by him revoked (Emphasis added).

John Owen, An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews ed. W. H. Goold, vol. 22, Works of John Owen (Edinburgh: Johnstone and Hunter, 1855), 433.


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  1. Do baptists deny the grant of this discrete seal of the covenant unto the seed of present believers, rather than merely insist that it be given when it is professed to be being received in each of its parts, e.g., including the answer of a good conscience toward God?

    • For how can circumcision be held to have been a literally initial seal of the Abrahamic Covenant to the seed of believers, when each such seed was commanded to have already been in the Covenant for at least seven days?

    • Anthony, look up Baptism on the tags link and listen to the series on the Heidelcast, “I Will be a God to You and to your Children.” This series of lectures was revolutionary to my understanding of the covenants, baptism, and how the Bible fits together. Baptists have a different understanding of baptism because they have a different hermeneutic.

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