More on Theocracy (Updated)

A brief response to Micah Burke. He’s unhappy that I want to exclude theocrats and Baptists from the definition of the adjective “Reformed” and he argues, in effect, that I’m being selective. I’ve explained at great length here why those who deny . . . Continue reading →

The Myth of “Christian America”

Tomorrow is election day in America. Judging by recent surveys, yesterday, across the USA, a noisy minority of pastors preached explicitly partisan political messages. Others preached biblically justifiable sermons about the civic duties of Christians and their dual citizenship (Phil 3:20; Romans . . . Continue reading →

The Revision of Belgic Confession Article 36 on Church and State

Eugene Osterhaven called this “the most difficult and disputed” article in the confession.1 As will appear below, the desire to revise this article has existed in the Reformed churches in both the Netherlands and in the USA since the late 19th century . . . Continue reading →