Trent, Sungenis, Shepherd, and the FV

Originally posted 10 Nov 2007 On the White Horse Inn for 3 November (2007) Mike Horton interviewed Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis and historian Mark Noll (Is the Reformation Over?). Just a few comments about the first half of the show.

You Heard it Here First: Indulgences are Back

Now the NYT has a story on the return of indulgences in the Roman communion. The HB observed this phenomenon in Nov 2007. In case you’re worried about purgatory, read this. Obviously the Roman doctrine of justification hasn’t changed. (HT: Ryan Glomsrud)

Was the Reformation a Big Misunderstanding?

This topic has arisen before on the HB. Not long ago we discovered that, contrary to some suggestions, the Pope is, in fact, not a Protestant. Before that we saw that, contrary to the assertion of Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom, the . . . Continue reading →

Was the Reformation a Big Misunderstanding? (2)

Part 1 Unlike our evangelical friend, our ecumenically minded mainliner received an education in church history at an Ivy League divinity school and is a little more cognizant of the problems of overcoming the Reformation but he’s also a member of the . . . Continue reading →

Harry Potter and the Allure of a Magical World

My gracious and lovely youngest daughter endured the natural discomfort of being seen in public with her father long enough to see the latest Harry Potter movie. it was an enchanting move (pun intended). This episode, like all of them, is shot-through . . . Continue reading →

On P&R Churches and "Holy Days"

Andy Webb has a very helpful post on this topic. Darryl Hart asks when Presbyterians became Adventists? With the help of Leigh Eric Schmidt makes some very interesting and important points about the way commercial interests coincided with the interests of revivalist . . . Continue reading →

The Beginning of the End of the Reformation?

Father Eric Bergman, a former Anglican who converted to Rome, who shepherds a congregation of Anglicans who’ve been received into the Roman communion, predicts that the influx of Anglicans into Rome will end the Reformation. You may remember that back in October . . . Continue reading →

John Knox is at 7500 RPM

As he spins in his grave. Why? The Church of Scotland has adopted a “joint liturgy for the re-affirmation of baptismal vows” with the Roman Catholic Church. Craig Brown, writing in The Scotsman reports, “As a result, Scotland has the first Protestant . . . Continue reading →

Roman Catholic Scholar Converts to Evangelical Faith

Re-posted from c. 2007 Dateline Paris, 1534. © Paris News Service By Guy LaFontaine Jean Calvin, 25, of Noyon, a leading scholar of the classics and law student in the University of Paris, has reportedly converted to the evangelical cause. A classicist . . . Continue reading →