You Heard it Here First: Indulgences are Back

Now the NYT has a story on the return of indulgences in the Roman communion. The HB observed this phenomenon in Nov 2007. In case you’re worried about purgatory, read this. Obviously the Roman doctrine of justification hasn’t changed. (HT: Ryan Glomsrud)

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  1. I read through the NYT article and could have sworn I was reading something out of

    P.T Barnum comes to mind as well.

  2. The guy Richard refers to must have an interesting story. He was raised as a Pentecostal, became Reformed and has a M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary, and is now a Roman Catholic. This sounds way too common. This makes regular guys like me have to revisit certain doctrines in order to be sure we are in the truth; not to mention that it sometimes worries me.

  3. Maybe the Romanists can take the increasing amounts of money and use it to protect their legal hineys with all the recent lawsuits.

    So Tetzel’s got a new “jingle”:
    Pitch a penny in the pot
    and a papist’s free as a scot.

  4. I am curious: I know the general answer to the question of where Rome gets their doctrine of the sinlessness of Mary, which is “where the monkey put the nuts.” But textually where do they try to get it?

    I am having a Jekel & Mr. Hyde moment here. I posted as an unknown thus I got “monstered’. Now I’m posting as a known. How odd.

  5. When my Roman Catholic step-grandfather died, I noticed what I though was a table of candles in the church in an alcove. Upon closer examination, they were electric candles, and to light one, you had to insert a quarter.

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