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rsc-HRA lectureWell, not quite but they might be to some.

First, the video clip of my Reformation Day sermon from a couple of years ago was removed from YouTube (how bad must one be to be removed from YouTube?) and re-posted. It’s now back up at YT.

Second, thanks to Vaclav Petrik for formatting and posting online (in multiple files sizes!) my video lecture to the Heidelberg Reformation Association from last May. A word of explanation is in order. There was no one else in the room when I gave the lecture. That video was burned to DVD and sent off for the conference. If the video seems a little stilted its because the speaker was stilted. Anyway, it’s a talk on Calvin’s doctrine of comfort: “Calvin as Theologian of Comfort.”

The ultra-compact version (brings up a tiny little picture, which is suitable for slow download speeds and for those who want to avoid nightmares)

The compact version is slightly scarier and faster.

The larger version is for those with fast download speeds and strong stomachs.

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