The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (1)

The doctrinal rubber meets the ecclesiastical road today. Pray.  Update. No word from Rev Stellman, but a comment on the post says that the majority report, support Pete Leithart was sustained. Update #2. The majority report arguing that Leithart’s views are within . . . Continue reading →

The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (2)

Part 1. For Those Just Tuning In: What Is the Federal Vision? Lane has a follow-up. Jason explains the process and replies to critics who allege bizarrely that well-ordered church discipline is a “witch hunt.” Adam Myer gives a first-hand account of . . . Continue reading →

We May Not Be Able to Move On Yet

Had a great time with the folks at Springs Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, at the “Recovering the Reformation” conference. Attendance was good and reception of the talks and sermons was positive and enthusiastic. Thanks to everyone at Springs Reformed Church, to . . . Continue reading →

Reformed Orthodoxy on John 15

The FV has appealed to no other text as frequently or as misguidedly as they appeal to John 15, as if it were patent evidence of their view of temporary, historical, conditional union with Christ effected by baptism. Todd has a nice . . . Continue reading →

Doctrine Without Scripture?

It appears that Mike Bird has offered some criticisms of our May 2004 faculty Statement on Justification. I reply below: Michael, I imagine that you are referring to the statement adopted by the faculty and board of Westminster Seminary California. A bit of . . . Continue reading →

Trent, Sungenis, Shepherd, and the FV

Originally posted 10 Nov 2007 On the White Horse Inn for 3 November (2007) Mike Horton interviewed Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis and historian Mark Noll (Is the Reformation Over?). Just a few comments about the first half of the show.

Does Baptism "Save"?

Merrit asks this question: “Two friends and I have been talking about this verse (1 Peter 3:21) and passage for quite some time today. The more we seem to talk about it the more confused I seem to get about it.

SJC of the PNP (PCA) Rules Leithart's Views Orthodox?

That’s all Presbyterian code for the Standing Judicial Committee of the Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. The news comes from Jason Stellman. The SJC had two reports before them concerning the doctrine taught by Peter Leithart, a minister . . . Continue reading →

URCNA Study Committee Rejects FV (Updated)

UPDATE:  Here is the URCNA Report At Synod Calgary (2004) Synod of the United Reformed Churches in North America, in response to a complaint over a sermon preached by a (now former) URCNA minister, adopted Three Points on justification on the basis of . . . Continue reading →

The FV Making Inroads in E. Europe?

One of our graduates, a Reformed pastor and church planter in the Mediterranean region, pointed me today to a troubling blog. The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) is planting congregations in Europe, exporting the FV to Europe, and attempting to recruit . . . Continue reading →

Reformed Confessionalism as An Alternative to the FV

I’ve been pushing the Office Hours podcast so aggressively lately I’ve forgotten to Heidelflog  RRC.  The writer of The Writer and the Muse has been reading RRC, however, and hit on something really important. One of the goals of RRC was to . . . Continue reading →