New Audio: Exposition of the Nine Points (Pt 1)

Today, in the Adult Class at OURC I began a series of talks explaining the “Nine Points” of “pastoral advice” adopted by URCNA Synod Schereville in 2007. Here is the first 30 minute talk:

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  1. Dr Clark,

    Thank you for posting this for everyone’s benefit. You make a comment early in this talk about not being entirely sure why they chose “federal” to self-identify. In reading through O. Palmer Robertson’s The Justification Controversy and Guy Prentiss Waters’ The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology, I keep seeing this phrase from Norman Shepherd repeated by the Federal Visionists: “…but when seen through the lens of the covenant…” (emphasis mine). As you know, federal comes from foedus, or covenant–so perhaps their entire enterprise is meant explicitly to recast the Trinity, soteriology, ecclesiology, family, and society at large “…as seen through the lens of the covenant,” or, as seen through a “federal vision.”

    Just a thought from the peanut gallery.


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