Pray For Christians In Ukraine

It appears that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun in earnest. There are Reformed and Evangelical Christians in Donetsk, which was invaded yesterday. There are Reformed Christians in Kyiv associated with a seminary there. Pray for wisdom for our political leaders, . . . Continue reading →

The Three Forms Of Unity In Taught In Swahili, In Isiolo, Kenya

Heidelmedia Has A Global Reach

Thanks for providing such great resources. Many of our Kenyan friends are now listening to the Heidelcast series “I will be a God to you and unto your children.” Continue reading →

There Are Presbyterians in England and They’re Having a Conference

Confessional Presbyterianism hasn’t fared well in England since the 17th century. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there has been a small but growing group of confessional Presbyterians in England since 1986, when the (then) Presbyterian Association of England . . . Continue reading →

Brian Lee on the Real Problem with the Statement by the American Embassy in Cairo

But the real problem with the statement is its failure to grasp the inherently offensive nature of most religious belief. It belies the widely held belief that “good religion” must be utterly private, banal, and non-offensive. Read more

Waldensian Synod Approves Homosexual Marriage

Mike Brown sent me a note (with an attached link to an Italian news site) with a notice that the Waldensians have approved Homosexual marriage. The good news is that there is now, in Italy, an alternative for those who want to . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Reaching Secular Israelis with the Gospel

There is more than a little romanticism among American evangelicals about “Israel.” For Christian tourists, Israel is a vacation spot, a place to try to see where redemption took place. For Reformed Christians in Israel, however, it isn’t a tourist spot but . . . Continue reading →